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Overcoming Addictions Event

In recent years, our church has prioritized being a source of hope, help, and healing in our local community through our active focus on health through our Life Hope Center. With that being said, we understand that in addressing physical health it’s vital that we address emotional health and issues of addiction as well. Our church strives to be faithful in bringing healing to the mind, body, and soul as a WHOLE.
This is why the Clovis Family Ministries team and our local Fresno Area pastors are thrilled to bring you the Overcoming Addictions conference on Dec 1-3!


Our goals for this conference is to:

  • EDUCATE people about addictions through inspirational messages and seminars.

  • EQUIP people with tools and resources that can lead them on a journey towards healing.

  • ENCOURAGE people to connect with others and find strength in being restored by Jesus and build relationships that lead to further small group opportunities for continued spiritual growth.

Check out the information below for more details:

Workshop Titles

“The What, How, and Why of Addictions and Tools to Overcome”

- Amanda Anguish (All are Welcome)

Saturday 2:00 pm

Addictions of various sorts affect so many of us, whether directly or through a loved one. A deeper of understand of this can lead to empathy and a path towards transformation. In this general session, attendees will learn an overview of the psychology of addiction and helpful tools to overcome.

“Healing the Soul of a Man” - Mike Genung (Men Only)
Saturday 3:00 pm

Behind every addiction is a wound, a lie, or distorted core beliefs, which are embedded in the heart. Our churches are filled with men with empty hearts who are faking it; being a nice guy or even memorizing Scripture isn’t enough.Every man is given the mantle to be a fighter and an overcomer with purpose. We must get to the heart where healing is needed.

“Emotional Health, Setting Boundaries, and Addictive Behaviors”

- Amanda Anguish (Women Only)
Saturday 3:00 pm

Women are not immune to the harmful affects of various types of addictions and addictive behaviors. In this women’s only session, attendees will learn the importances of boundaries and valuable strategies in coping with a loved one struggling with addictions. Attendees will experience the powerful impact and value of creating a social support system in their journey towards healing and growth.

Teens and Screens - David Dean (Teens Only)
Saturday 3:00 pm

It is no secret that excessive use of screens have a profound impact on every member of the family especially young people. We can’t escape this reality, but we can thrive emotionally even in the midst of it. This teens only session will include discussions on mental health, gaming, the lure of TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms. There will also be discussion on strategies of creating a healthy balance as well as real stories of other young people who have found positive ways to navigate the digital landscape.

“From Porn to Grace” - Mike Genung (All are welcome)
Sunday 9:30-3:00 (registration at 9:00)

Current surveys show that 68% of Christian men and 30% of Christian women are viewing pornography. Helping those who struggle with porn and sex addiction requires an in-depth understanding of the issue, as does ministering to the spouse. In this seminar you will learn topics such as: how porn and adultery affect those who engage in it, what the recovery process looks like for both husbands and wives, and equipping church and ministry leaders on how to help those under their care, and more!


Friday, December 1
6:00pm — Registration begins
6:30pm — Program begins-Mike Genung Testimony

Saturday, December 2
10:30am — Registration begins
11:00am — Church begins- Amanda Anguish Sermon
12:30pm — Potluck
2:00pm — Main Session-Amanda Anguish Addictions Workshop

3:00pm — Breakout Sessions for Various Workshops (see above)

3:50pm — Small group sharing time
4:30pm — Resource Fair

Sunday, December 3
9:00am — Registration
9:30am — From Porn to Grace Seminar

12:00pm — Lunch provided
1:00pm — Program continues
3:00pm — Small group sign-up opportunities

Our Speakers

From refurbishing furniture to refurbishing the mind, Amanda loves home and people improvement. Amanda believes in honest therapy. In her work as a therapist her goal is to empower clients to discover the causes behind their challenges and take action to
address them. Amanda’s counseling experience includes substance abuse, depression, anxiety, teenage growing pains, spiritual development, and issues that affect relationships. Amanda enjoys lecturing on a variety of mental health topics. She also co-hosts a podcast covering a wide range of topics on mental health from a scientific and spiritual perspective. For more info on her insights on mental health click the button below.

Mike Genung is the founder of Blazing Grace Ministries and author of nine books that have been translated into Korean, German, and Italian. He struggled with multiple forms of sexual sin from his teen years until 1999. After being in bondage to sexual sin for 20 years, eight of which were spent in various recovery programs, he was set free after finally putting all his hope and trust in God. He then launched Blazing Grace after starting a grace-centered support group for men in 2000. Since then, the ministry has taken Mike all over the world as he shares straightforward answers to help others rebuild their lives, restore their relationships and renew their mind. For more info about his ministry and resources click the button below.


Mike Genung


Amanda Anguish


David A. Dean

David A. Dean is the pastor of the Clovis Seventh-Adventist Church. He is passionate about developing leaders and inspiring young people. David and his wife Maya have three children and he enjoys writing music and poetry. David earned a master’s degree in Theology from La Sierra University.

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